Remote Legal Clinic

As of March 1, 2021, the AABANY’s Pro Bono Remote Clinic will not take any calls from the telephone lines. Thanks to our volunteer attorneys, law students and interpreters, the Remote Clinic was able to assist over 400 callers since June 2020. The Remote Clinic was created as an emergency stopgap effort to provide Asian Americans with limited English proficiency access to necessary information and available resources during the pandemic when the city shut down and operation of AABANY’s Monthly Walk-In Legal Clinics had to be suspended.  


If you have any legal questions and would like to speak with an attorney, please contact AABANY’s Legal Referral and Information Service (LRIS) at the numbers listed below.


516.788.8820 – English

516.788.8821 – Mandarin

516.788.8822 – Cantonese

516.788.8823 – Japanese

516.788.8825 – Korean


Many thanks to all our volunteers for your dedication and generous assistance during a critical time of unprecedented need:


Ada Wang

Karen Eng

Alicia Chen 

Karen Kithan Yau

Angela Wu

Karen Lin

Annalee Patel 

Mark Choe

Asako Aiba

May Wong

Beatrice Leong

Meng Zhang

Bei Yang

Nanako Arai

Chao-Yung (Kloe) Chiu

Olympia Moy

Chris Kwok

Rachel Yoo

Chris Metz 

Rina Gurung

Edmond Wong

Ru HoChen 

Esther Choi

Samantha Sumilang 

Fang Jiang 

Shengyang (John) Wu

H. Anthony Park

Teresa Yeung

Jae Hyung Ryu

Thomas Hou

Jenna Agatep

Virginia Lo

Jenny Park 

William Lee 

Jerome Chan 

Xinyi Shen

Jiyoon Kim 

Yan Sin

Joane Wong

Yang Ni

John Wu

Youngjin Choi

Jonathan Hernandez

Zhixian (Jessie) Liu

Judy Lee


Justin Benagh


Justina Chen


Justine Lei



Please be on the lookout for our emails to work on upcoming projects. Take care and be safe!